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Sunday, 10 May 2015

An Explanation For Our (Short-Term) Absence

Hello there!

I thought that rather than leaving you in the dark, it would be best for us to explain why our blog posts will be irregular and disjointed for a short while.

As we can see, not all of the views that we receive are sourced in the United Kingdom, which is where we are from. This may mean that you don't know how the British education system runs. All three of us are 17 years old, meaning we are in the stage of the school process called 'sixth form'. This is a two-year period in which we study 3-5 subjects in a lot of depth and do exams during the months of May and June of both years. These grades will assist us in applying to university or elsewhere (although the three of us are extremely keen on going to university).

Our exams begin on Monday the 11th of May and end around the 12th of June, meaning we are pretty much studying for hours on end, not leaving the house, barely even speaking to each other!

So this explains why our blog may be lacking in posts for the next couple of weeks - we care so much about our exams and truly want to do the best that we can. We may end up posting at some point as a way of escaping the stress of this period, though it is unlikely that I personally will be.

If anyone is interested, these are the subjects that all three of us are studying:

LR - English Literature, Psychology, History and Politics
LF - English Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies, Psychology and Sociology
MG - Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics and History

Moreover, these subject choices may explain further information.

'MG' is clearly taking far more mathematical and scientific subjects, aside from one. She believes that she "cannot write" (her words, not mine), therefore she provides the facts and statistics and always reviews our posts before we place them online. In the future, expect more from her!

Thank you so much for reading this and supporting us, we truly appreciate it.

Best of luck if you also have exams coming up,

- LF, LR and MG