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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Are we human without our humanity?

I'm not sure there are many words that I can use right now that will do any sort of justice to the terrible sorrow I feel about all the terrorism going on in the world right now. I would however, like to share a poem that explores terrorism in the face of humanity, but I suppose more than that, the way in which we must break down stereotypes and prejudices in the face of a terror organisation that ironically does not kill based on any prejudice other than the fact that we are not them. I'm so tired of the relentless blame game and people attempting to throw their own suffering into the public eye as a way of diminishing another countries or cultures pain. We are all humans and as far as I am concerned, we are all in this together.

Are we human, without our humanity?

My flesh touches your flesh,
And from the outside, we appear no different.
I prick my skin on the thorn of a rose,
You do the same.
Our blood drips out a gleaming red-
It is the same.

I put my hand against yours
And turn them up towards the sun
We are different,
But innately we are the same.

I see all the things that make us different,
Through a distorted telescope
A lens clouded by misconceptions and prejudice.
Echo’s of lies and furious fervent feelings
That changes the color of my blood from yours.

When I strip down to just my flesh
What use will it all be?
For the blood of my people
And the blood of your people,
Will look the same on history’s tainted canvas.

And when the lies drain away,
But our morals stay the same –
My flesh that touches your flesh
Becomes our flesh.

Now the color red streaks through our cities veins,
We laugh as millions but cry as one,
We feel loss as one.
But we must remember, that our weapon –
One that is much stronger than any knife, gun or bomb –
Is our Humanity.

For it is our Humanity that makes us Human,

And being human that makes us all the same.

-LF, LR and MG xxx