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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Speak up and Speak Now

We know how it is. The way that each week ends up merging into the next. There is no time to pause for a breath whilst being whisked away with the madness that is our world. It almost seems as if the stigmas of society are invisible until you are stood within and they turn on you like a tidal wave washing you out. 

So what is a stigma? 
A stigma is defined as a negative attitude attached to complex issues, such as divorce, mental health illnesses and abuse. 

As an anonymous blog, we aim to provide an open, encouraging and safe environment where we can offer advice, thoughts and information regarding more emotionally provoking subjects, that will raise awareness for you. 

You will hear from us every Wednesday and Sunday from now, feel free to comment, share stories and even suggest which topics you would like to read. This is your space, filled with mutual respect and an understanding and trust in each other.

Please remember to speak up, and speak now.

- LF, LR and MG.